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Gallo & Gallo Appraisals, Inc.


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Gallo & Gallo Appraisals, Inc.
10590 Center Avenue
Gilroy, California 95020
voice: 408-842-1717
fax: 408-842-2361
email: gallo@garlic.com

Appraisals in Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Martin, Hollister, San Jose. We Service all of Santa Clara and San Benito Counties. Gallo & Gallo Appraisals, Inc. has been serving the community for over 16 years. With over 30 years combined experience appraising multi-million dollar estates, rural residential ranchettes that include horse facilities, vacant land, built-per-plans proposed construction, typical tract homes, multi-family rental units, or commercial; we are here to handle all of your appraisal needs.


We pride ourselves in prompt, friendly, reliable service along with exceptional experience and credentials. We are California State Certified, *FHA and **VA approved.

*FHA – Federal Housing Administration
**VA – Veterans Administration

We are located in the lovely rural community of Gilroy, California, "Garlic Capitol of the World". Our city hosts the annual "Gilroy Garlic Festival". Want information on this epicurious event? Click here: Garlic Festival

Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Member Since 1994 Gilroy Chamber of Commerce